Invisalign For Straighter Teeth

August 15, 2016 / Sergio Rauchwerger

For anybody who has ever worn metal braces, they can tell you how uncomfortable and unsightly they can be. That is why millions of people have chosen to go with Invisalign instead. Invisalign is a teeth straightening tool that uses a series of custom-made aligners created specifically to fit your mouth, and only your mouth. The aligner trays are made from virtually invisible plastic that is smooth and comfortable. They fit around your teeth perfectly and snugly. With Invisalign, there are no metal wires, no metal brackets, and no more getting your braces tightened. You just switch out the trays and go to the next one in the series.

Users of Invisalign might suffer from a wide variety of different dental problems. Everything from a mild case of crooked teeth or small gap to much more severe issues like an under bite or an overbite. The process of wearing the plastic trays will shift your teeth into the correct position and can potentially have a positive effect on your dental health while going through the process. If you suffer from any of the following dental problems, Invisalign may be the solution to the smile you always wanted.



Gapped Teeth/Gaps between the teeth


Gaps between the teeth may occur due to abnormal growth of the jaw bone, or maybe because some teeth have shifted because others are missing. Having gaps in between the teeth can cause gum issues, and increase the risk of periodontal pockets. Invisalign can close those spaces and help keep your gums healthy.


Overly Crowded


Overcrowding of the teeth occurs when there is a lack of space on your jaw to fit all of your teeth. Over-crowdedness can lead to having crooked teeth by slowing shifting over time. In the overlapping spaces, plaque accumulation can increase and cause tooth decay. As well as periodontal problems.




When a person has a crossbite one or more teeth from the upper row come down on the inside of the lower row of teeth when the teeth are together. This may cause the teeth to wear and lead to brittleness and/or fractures.

Overbite and Underbite


Over and under bites are extremely common reasons people get Invisalign. An overbite is when the upper row of teeth bite over the row of teeth at the bottom. An under bite occurs when the upper row of teeth bite down inside the bottom row of teeth. Both are problems that could lead to joint problems and a painful jaw.

If you are thinking about straightening your teeth, don’t hesitate to give Invisalign a try. You will be able to get the look you desire and make your teeth healthier all with the same treatment. Give Smile Designs a call today at 561.798.7807, and discuss your options!