Marijuana and Your Oral Health

February 21, 2018 / Editor Smile Designs

Medical marijuana dispensaries are opening across the nation fast. There is a lot of hype about the professed benefits of this herb. But is it really that beneficial to your health? Everything that is available has some benefits if used following expert advice. Even there are declared poisons that have been researched that can be used to advantage under the specialist guidance.

There are claims of many benefits of using marijuana,  it has been used by many societies in their traditional medicine. However, the general impression about a habitual marijuana user is everywhere, and always, is close that of a drunkard.

Used under medical advice, and in controlled quantities, it may reduce pain, and possibly, temporary relief of anxiety. But There are other drugs-tested and tried- which give you such benefits far more controllably, predictably, and safely.


That is the common word used for the feeling of a dry mouth after one has smoked marijuana. The smoke contains, among many other harmful by-products of combustion, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC affects your nervous system in many ways, and dry mouth is just one of them. It is not a feeling you can rid yourself of simply by a glass or two of water. Many users have large quantities of sugary energy drinks to mitigate this feeling. Whether that relieves them or not, it has its own ill effects.

The Glitter of Your Smile Is at Stake

Dry mouth isn’t something that goes away after you drink some suitable liquids. It leaves its permanent mark which is cumulative. Did you know that the saliva in your mouth is the best natural guard of your smile? The glitter of your smile is due to the enamel on your teeth. This enamel is protected by your saliva. If your teeth are well-moistened by saliva, they are safe, but the moment your mouth is dry, your teeth start losing enamel. This is a very gradual process is not observable in the initial stages. It sounds no alarm and causes no pain-initially. Only dental experts may detect it, and that too when significant damage has been done. If the process goes on unchecked, you not only lose the glitter of your teeth, you may lose your teeth also!

Vulnerability to Bacteria

Saliva is basic in nature. That is the opposite of acidic. Bacteria growth is discouraged by a basic environment. The natural flow of saliva in the mouth provides that healthy environment. But a dry mouth will encourage the growth of harmful bacteria. Cannabis smoke brings in trillions of them, and the later dry mouth provides them the opportunity for proliferation. Your gums, teeth, and other oral tissue are at stake!

Bad Breath

Damage to the teeth, gums, and other oral tissue is slow. But bad breath is immediate. Cannabis itself gives bad breath, and the resulting bacterial action on your gums will give long-lasting bad breath that will not go without thorough medical intervention.


Cancer is a dangerous word and a very serious disease. But did you know that the smoke of cannabis (and tobacco) contains many harmful chemicals which can cause cancer or other diseases gradually? Again, development of oral cancer is a slow, quiet process, and may be detected only when it is quite late.

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