Once referred to as “caps”, dental crowns are tooth-shaped covers that are used to restore a damaged or severely decayed tooth to its former shape, function, and appearance. Crowns may also be used for cosmetic dentistry in Wellington, Fl, as a means to cover teeth that are misshapen or discolored.

Some indications when dental crowns in Wellington, FL are used include cases where large cavities have required large fillings and little tooth structure is left. The crown supports the tooth and ensures that the tooth will not fracture. Teeth with root canal fillings are also protected by crowns. Another indication for using a crown in treatment is tooth pain due to hairline cracks in the tooth. A dental crown offers pain relief (when present), prevents the tooth from further cracks or fractures and restores full dental function. Cosmetically, discolored teeth or teeth that are chipped can also be restored with a crown.

Crowns are available in metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, or all ceramic. Stainless steel is often used for deciduous teeth (baby teeth). Metal crowns generally are an alloy, or blend, of metals. Gold, palladium and silver are often used. These crowns are the strongest and will exhibit very little wear, but they are not tooth-colored and stand out in appearance. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns may be matched to the existing teeth. Both of these options, metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns are best for back teeth due to their strength. Ceramic crowns offer the best match to the natural teeth. Dr. Sergio Rauchwerger, your dentist in Wellington, and his staff will discuss which crown is best for your particular case.

How Is a Dental Crown Fitted?

At least two visits are required to fit a crown. The first visit will include removal of any decay in the area(in case there is), shaping of the tooth, taking an impression of the shaped tooth so that the crown may be made, and the fabrication of a temporary crown so that the tooth is protected while the dental laboratory creates the custom dental crown.

The second visit involves removing the temporary crown and fitting the new, custom crown. Once the new crown is properly fitted, it is cemented into place and the tooth is whole again!

Our Goal

We don’t want anyone to see your smile and remark, “What a nice looking crown!” We want our work to be imperceptible. The best compliment of our work is if nobody notices it because it looks completely natural!

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