TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, though many use the acronym to refer to painful symptoms within the joints on either side of the jaw that are used when opening and closing the mouth. These joints and muscles move during eating, speaking, swallowing, and more. An issue with the parts of these joints or the surrounding muscles can cause extreme pain, tenderness, clicking, popping, or limited motion of the lower jaw.

Some causes for “TMJ” may be stress (grinding the teeth), injury, arthritis, or improper jaw alignment.  Dr. Rauchwerger will determine the diagnosis and decide what treatment is indicated.

Treatment options include a night guard to help decrease grinding or clenching teeth during sleep. This involves creating a special appliance from a mold made from your teeth. It is not recommended that you try a sports mouth guard or over-the-counter guard, as they are not as likely to cushion the teeth and may irritate the gums and inside of the cheeks.

Other treatments may include orthodontics, medication, or jaw strengthening exercises.

Once the teeth and jaw are protected, the pain should be alleviated and movement restored.

If you suffer of TMJ in Wellington, Fl come and visit Dr. Rauchwerger, for a consultation and treatment of this problem.