Treating and Preventing Oral Cancer

February 22, 2016 / Sergio Rauchwerger

We live in a world and day where oral cancer has become a huge problem. According to the B.C Cancer Academy, the higher the age at a person, the higher the risk of contracting oral cancer. Because oral cancer has a wide range of causes and can be triggered by various actions, it is imperative for people to use a screening device in order to detect the early phases of this condition. That’s why Smile Designs, in Wellington, FL , a reputable company based in Wellington, FL, has  VELscope Oral Assessment System a handheld scope that applies tissue fluorescence visualization to identify oral mucosal abnormalities.

Oral Cancer – How to Prevent it

Oral cancer is not just an issue smokers deal with. Scientists have performed numerous studies to find out the oral cancer patterns and discover what actually triggers this condition. Here are some of the potential risk factors for developing oral cancer:

– HPV: HPV 16 type, which is a sexually transmitted disease, has been linked to numerous types of oral cancer.

– Alcohol and tobacco use: most of the known cases of oral cancer have been linked to heavy alcohol use, cigarette smoking or a combination of both. Using these two harmful substances together poses a greater risk than using either one of them alone.

– Sun exposure: prolonged sun exposure has been found to cause lip cancer.

– Age: oral cancer occurs mostly in people older than 40.

– Diet: scientists found out that a low calorie diet, rich in vegetables and fruits, can have a significant role in oral cancer development.

As you can notice, the causes of oral cancer are multiple. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of your condition. The best method to stay protected against oral cancer and gain the peace of mind that you are safe from its destructive effects is to use the Velscope device.

Recognized by one of the safest and most accurate means to discover early oral cancer, Velscope is an award-winning device that enables for an enhanced visualization of any type of oral mucosal abnormalities, including pre-malignant dysplasia or oral cancer.

Up to date, the company behind this device has performed over 25 million examinations through the hands of over 12,000 dental practitioners from over 23 countries. In addition to the screening processes, this company from Wellington Florida is launching regular warning campaigns and is holding many conferences and seminars all across the country. For them, saving people’s lives and helping them to have an early warning is of paramount importance.

Oral Cancer in Smokers

Here are some other things you can do to ensure you are well protected against oral cancer:

– Flush your teeth regularly

– Do not smoke or chew tobacco

– Limit your exposure to the sun

– Drink moderately

– Go with a cancer-fighting diet

– Exercise on a regular basis

– Check up with your doctor regularly

Smokers are more prone to oral cancer than non smokers. Nonetheless, both categories can be affected by this condition. In order to get the peace of mind that you are safe from the disturbing symptoms of oral cancer, you need to enter and either register for a live webinar here : or make an Appointment with Smile Designs so get screened.

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